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Pictures Archives

Here are some pictures which had been on the top page of this web site.
Click each picture to see in original size. Well, actually enough to see in small size(g).
This page would be updated when the top page renewed and when I made stupid web graphics

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Pictures had been on the Top Page

Was on first top page.
From a snap shot.
Was on second top page.
I love this cute eyes.
Christmas 2002.
Nicky pretends a raindeer.
New year 2003.
Nicky pretends a kagami-mochi.
Was on third designed top page.
took in 2004.
Fourth picture on top page.
Took in 2002, by a professional photographer.
Christmas 2004.
Nicky and Liz are good co-workers.
New year 2005.
Nicky pretends a kagami-mochi again.
Fifth pic on top page.
Took by Hiro Sakai, a photographer and our friend.
Christmas 2005.
This portrait was also took by Hiro Sakai.
pic11New Year 2006 and Nicky's birthday!

Pictures had been on Other Pages

These small pics were on the old menu page.
Isn't he cute?

[pic1] [pic2] [pic3] [pic4] [pic5]
[pic6] [pic7] [pic8] [pic9]


I drew Nicky, then made the same picture into...
1. Nicky before training, playing with a ball.
2. Nicky in training, learning "get it".
3. Nicky picking up his leash.
4. Nicky in service dog cape.
5. Nicky bringing a cane to me.

illustration1 illustration2 illustration3 illustration4 illustration5

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