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Last update: 8/21/06

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Animated picture above, by courtesy of Yuka, who has been partnered with service dog Umi.

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Nicholas' Related Sites Assistance Dogs & People Disabilities/Barrier Free Info, Organizations & Goods Special Thanks

(Language(s) Available) Nicholas' Related Sites
Japanese English Black Dog In AZ--Nicky, an "exchange canine student" from Japan
Another website of Nicholas and me. About our "in-training" days in Tucson, AZ. Still being modified.

English Top Dog
The program Nicholas and I had been trained and graduated. One of pioneers of owner-trained service dog field. An Assistance Dogs International Accredited program.

English International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP)
An association of guide, hearing, service dog users, which we've been member of since 1999. Various info, includes those about training and puppy selection.

Japanese English Asia Working Dog Support Assn.
A service dog program in Japan, which we've been working with since 2000. Provides quality service dogs and also owner-trained service dog classes.

Assistance Dogs and People
(Guide Dogs)
Japanese My Happy Dark Nebula
Owned by Yamachin, who has been partnered his guide dog Keiru. He shows us that being blind/being partnered with a guide dog is not so special or hard, through his essays about his days, his entertainments, and his abroad trips.

Japanese Guide Dog Keiru
Another web site about Yamachin and his guide dog Keiru, owned by Momo. She shows daily teamwork of Yamachin and Keiru warmly. Keiru had retired and now living Yamachin's parents home near to the sea.

Japanese Elvis Over the Rainbow Bridge, and His Successor Jade
Elvis is a guide dog who was born and trained in Canada. He had been working for over 10 years, in 3 countries, with his human Dad and Mom. He passed away September 05, but his succesor guide dog Jade, who was born in the states is now working.

English Ami and Noel -Walk with a Guide Dog-
Ami is partnered with a guide dog Noel. There are warm stories of the team, from their first training. She is a true dog lover, and understands Noel so well.

(Hearing Dogs)
Japanese English Yummy and Sammy's Story
Yummy is a Japanese who had been in the US for over 7years. She and her hearing dog Sammy met in the US, and now theiy are working in Japan. Sammy is a beautiful Belgian shepherd who understands English, Japanese, and sign language.

Japanese English The Hearing Shar Pei?
A Japanese who lives in New Zealand, Kaobou's blog. She is now training her Shar Pei(Chinese breed) Fatima, to become her own hearing dog. Fatima is a faithful dog with funny Shar Pei face.

(Service Dogs)
Japanese Tsubu Moved and Title Changed!
Yuka is the mom of her service dog Umi, other two black labs Chappi and Pon, and the cat Kuu. This is a web diary of Yuka, about her days and loving family members and four-footed companions.

English Jessica and Assistance Dog Ivy
A web site of a university student Jessica and her service dog Ivy. Even Jessica doesn't use a wheelchair, there are many tasks that Ivy can do for her (Some Japanese who misunderstand that service dogs are dogs for wheelchair persons, would be surprised).

Japanese Service Dog Zippy
A web site by Zippy's mom. Explains about assistance dogs, and how Zippy is helpful and important for her. Zippy enjoys his job and mom treats him with respect.

Japanese Two Cherrys
Kayoko and her cute service dog Rinku's web site. There are their diary and snapshots of Rinku, and more. If you read Japanese, you will enjoy Kayoko's beautiful writing.

English Endal, The Dog of The Millennium
A Web site of Allen and his service dog Endal, the most famous service dog team in the UK. Many pictures show Endal's skills and partnership with Allen.

English K9 Assistance by Caesar
Wendy and her golden retriever service dog Caesar's web site. They are working team in the UK. Information about service dogs in the UK, Caesar's service dog tasks, and more. There is also a small movie.

Japanese Service Dog Kanna
Kanna is Kiyojii's service dog, primary provides counter balance and stability when her partner walks(a "balance dog"/"walker dog" like Kanna is still very rare in Japan). This is a blog by Kiyojii, about their days.
(Puppy Raisers)
Japanese Breeze and Sunshine
The web master Uiny was a puppy walker (a volunteer who rises a guide dog puppy). This site is dedicated to Neillie, her first guide dog puppy who had become a career-change dog and came back home. There are also infomation about guide dogs and other working dogs.

Japanese U.H. Family's Tea Room
A puppy walker Herb Mom's web site, includes her puppies' diary. As an affectionate and strong mother, she had rised 4 puppies, Harb, Vita, Iris Vivo, and is now rising her own human baby.

Japanese English Washington D.C.--Dog and Cat--
Ni-San's Mom is a puppy walker, who is a Japanese lives in Washington DC. She had rised the black lab Nitro, the labradoodle Santa, and the golden/lab cross Johan. There is also a cat, of course!

Japanese Take It Easy -Diary of Guide Dog Puppies and The Cat Moved and Title Changed!
A puppy walker family's blog about guide dog pups they rised, Ink, Airy,Peg and Yuna. There is also a cat named Nontan. They have a sister web site "Ink's Collars" selling hand made dog collars and wears. This web shop is for making donation to guide dog program in Japan.

Japanese Hana's Seclet Garden("Hana" is a popular Japanese name means flower(s))
Hanabay is a socializer (puppy riser) of hearing dog puppies. She is also with a career changed dog Hana, and helps demonstration.

(Retired Dogs)
Japanese Daddy's Holly, and Retired Guide Dog Sante Title Changed
Holly was a retired guide dog and passed away at age 16. Her last owner/caretaker Daddy is now with a newly retired guide dog named Sante, who has just retired in 2006.

Japanese Days with Old Yuki
A web log by Doggie-mom, who was taking care of retired guide dog Yuki, a yellow lab, and was the oldest retired guide dog in Japan. Yuki passed away on September 2004. *This page is a content in U.H. Family Tea Room.

Barrier Free--For Disabled and Non-Disabled People
Japanese English Prop Station's Home Page
An remarkable organization says "Turn the physically challenged people into tax payers!". They provide quality computer skill training and consultation service for disabled people, to make them more independent.

Japanese Travel? Trouble? Island
Information and links for whom with disability and love journeys. There are also assistance dog links.

Japanese Stray on Wheels
A web site about wheelchair accessibility and tips for wheelchair users. The web master Yonosuke is with CP and uses wheelchair herself.

Japanese "Katari no Kai"-- Patients' Peer School
People with disabilities(most are with MS) are working to spread information about disabilities and diseases to others. Peer counseling program is available.

Disabled Peoples International(DPI)
Japanese English DPI Japan
An international, cross-disability association of disabled people, and its Japanese brunch. Promote human-rights of disabled people.

Japanese Japan Council on Independent Living Centers
National council of Japanese CIL's. They are providing services to people who need assistance to live, and also working to protect right of disabled people to live independently.

Japanese Keiko Higuchi--IL Peer Net
Keiko Higuchi, one of the pioneers of Independent Living movement in Japan, is still working actively and patiently. I also personally thank her for she was my adviser when I went to the state as an exchange student.

English Center for Independent Living, Inc. Berkeley, CA
The world's first CIL for people with disabilities, founded in 1972. That was start of Independent Living Movement, which now covers many countries.

Japanese The "Circle of Love" Foundation
A charity for Japanese and asian people with disabilities. Its unipue scholarship "Leaders with disabilities, abroard studying program" had sent more than me to the states in 1999.

Japanese Web for All
Japanese Fujitsu Guide Line for Web Accessibility
Japanese Barrier-Free (Accessable) Web Design Guide
Showing important points to design a web site accessible for people with disability.

Info and Organizations
Japanese About Japanese Assistance Dogs Law: In the web site of Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
The Assistance Dog Law site had moved and is now friendly for kids. There is also a list of assistance dog providers in Japan.
**There is a complete list of all registered assistance dog providers in Japan.

English Assistance Dogs International (ADI)
Over 60 assistance dog organizations in all over the world setting standards of guide, hearing, service, and therapy dogs.

English Canine Companions for Independence (CCI)
English Paws With A Cause
Both are largest service/hearing dog programs in the US. Good to learn basic about service dogs.

English Delta Society
Research and education about human health and relationship with animals. Very faimous in Japan, too.

English The Assistance Dog Institute
An institute founded by Bonnie Bargin, who trained the first service dog in the world. Providing trained assistance dogs, doing reserch arround assistance dogs, and teaching people who want to be assistance dog trainers. Also has a program for "at-risk" teens.

English Prison Pet Partnership Program
Prisoners training service dogs, hearing dogs and seizure dogs. With links to websites of some other prisons doing same.

Japanese English Assistance and Therapy Dog Support
Japanese Japan Service Dogs Assn.
Both are support group for assistance dogs, their partners, and primary retired assistance dogs. Most of members of there groups are assistance dog users, puppy raisers, and care takers of retired dogs. ATDS works in Kanto area, and JSDA works in Kansai area.

Japanese Retriever Paradise
A friendly e-mail list for retriever owners. Posts must be written in Japanese.

Japanese Tarachine--Canine Veterans
A group of elder dogs include retired assitance dogs and their owner/care takers. Nicholas is a new member of them, for he is now 9 years old, even he is still a fine working dog.

Japanese Wan's Tail("Wan" means bow wow in Japanese)
So many and full information for all dog owners, such as behavior/training, health care, common and rare disease. Especially for owners of pets who have cancer, there is a sister web site "Keep it up! Doggy and Moggy with Cancer" is open.

Japanese Having a dog--Is it really good for you?
A picture book by Tokyo vet-health depertment. Very good for children and adults who are going to have dogs, include people who are going to have assistance dogs.

Japanese Labrador Retriever Club of Japan
Information about hereditary disease of dogs, especially labradors. They tells that a right breeding needs more knowlidge and conscience.

Japanese Poony, The Doggie
Poony is an albino dog who is blind and also deaf. Full info about living with disabled/aged dogs, things to consider before breeding, and dog/animal rescue.

Japanese Cho and Naughty Pets
Pet journalist Cho(Asuko Isono)'s personal web site. Advice for pet owners with her much experience, and her essay about animals. It's also a web site of Cho's 3 dogs and cat.

English Freedom Design
Makes service dog equipments. Nicholas wears a wheelchair-pulling harness from this company, and it works good.
Please be sure that you may need help from your trainer, vet, or therapist, to add new task to your service dog or even to change your dog's equipment.

Japanese Power Chair User Web
Our local wheelchair shop. The head engineer also has a service dog, the choc labrador Ken. Custom paint and other options like the "service dog pulling strap" on my chair. There is a page of assistance dogs.

Japanese Iron Barons, Goods for Retrievers
Makes/sells dog equipments, for retrievers and larger breeds. Their full-cover dog wear is also good for guide/service dogs to prevent shedding. Nicholas often wears one, too.

Japanese Vets' Info
Infomation, links and BBS, managed by veterinalians. For vets and pet owners.

Japanese English Life Boat Japan
Managing a shelter with its own hospital, to reduce the numbers of animals killed under the animal control law in Japan.

Thanks to...
Japanese My Arabian Life with Doggy and Kids
Some illustrations are originally from there, by courtesy of Keiko Arisaka, dog illustrator. Keiko is now in Arab, with her husband, 3 kids, and Parigi, a fox terrier. Now Parigi had passed away and the family came back to Japan, but the web site is continued.

Japanese Tomoko Hanai Photo Garally
Some pictures are by cortesy of Tomoko. On her web site there are more pictures taken by her, a photographer with strong and sensitive eyes.

Japanese Takeshi Iwai's Pet Pictures
Some pictures are by courtesy of Mr. Iwai. A famous photographer, who primary takes pictures of companion animals. He is very understanding for assistance dogs, too.

Japanese Life with Dogs
Some pictures are by courtesy of Mr. Sakai. Hiro Sakai, a "dog photographer" who himself enjoys life with 4dogs. On his web site, there are pictures, dog sports info, and more.

CGI/ Web Server
Kent-Web, Web-Clapping, Access Record Service for Free, Lolipop, Rental web server, Spam Free BBS

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[icon] Big Fat Kitties
Click the icon to go to "Big Fat Kitties" web site.
(written in Japanese only)

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Click the icon to go to "butter fingers" web site.(written in Japanese only)

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