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For the Year Passed-2

[Pic]Nicky at demo at a school
There are some more pictures we took in the last year.


With kids.
Nicky is very nice to kids, even he has never lived with kids.

An Off-Line Meeting with Friends on the Web (August)
Kyoko, Gimpei,Shimpei, and Yota
Good friends of Nicky!
Younger kids from Thomas' Family
Under the table

They found a flower and give it to Nicky. and said
"I don't want to pick and kill a live flower, but this was already picked by someone"
Kind kids!

They all have grown with dogs, so they are pretty nice to Nicky.
Now you see,
dog friendly kids make kid friendly dogs.

Visit those web site of whom we met in August.
Arabian Life with Kids and Dog

A Tale of Thomas' Family

Cho and Naughty Pets


A Demo at School(October)
Nicky ready to demo.
Picks a coin up from floor

Thanks to Asia Working Dog Support Assn., for invited us to this demo.


Reunion with College Friends

For our teacher retires, we join again, and had a great time!
We are friends of a class of "sports for the disabled", there are persons with and without disabilities.

With Friends (October)
about 40 fomer students
and 2 dogs...
Say hi to each other, but both are still
doing down-stay.

Then we move to an izakaya
Nicky was under the table, of course.


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