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Playing at the Park

[pic]Nicky smiles

The nearest park is Nicky's favorite place.


We do obedience exercise first, then...

Now I'm free!
[pic]nicky running at a small hill [pic]Nicky still running
He runs and sniffes around. Then...

Yeahhh!!! Ball! Ball!
A plain tennis ball is his favorite. It still makes him almost crazy.
[pic]Nicky dashes to the ball
Once I command "Release"...
[pic]Nicky almost flying
Flying dog
[pic]Nicky carrying a ball
Why do you love a ball so ?

I'm satisfied!
[pic]Nicky and bal [pic]Nicky panting and lieing down


Nice sunny day, and my dog feels so happy.
It makes me happy, too.

[pic]Blue sky and a tiny cloud


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