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Visiting Osaka

[pic]Nicky at Doutonbori-river side w/ famous signboard

We visited Osaka on March 27th and 28th.

Where most visitors want to go

[pic]with famous "crab-sign"

[pic]with famous "Kuidaore-doll"

Nicky didn't jump into the Douton-bori-river, where people jumped into when Hanshin Tigers won last year.


Big thanks to our friend in Osaka, Mr. Kumaneko, who is a typical and ideal dog person.<g>
He says that he is a
"Dog's servant", for he takes care of his dogs so well.

[pic]Kumaneko and Nicky
Kumaneko and Nicky. Dogs know dog-people!

Kumaneko's Golden boys, Go(8yr) and Soran(1yr.)

[pic]Go, Soran, Nicky, on their food bowls
Meal time!

So why we visited Osaka? See Next Page.


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