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Graduation--Guide Dog Puppy Iris

[pic]The Herb family and pups, Iris and Vivo

We visited a guide dog school in Osaka.
It was the graduation day for guide dog puppy Iris, from her foster parent Herb mom and dad (Herb is the first pup they raised).


Puppies played at the run first, with their foster families.
Special thanks to the guide dog school, for allowing me to let Nicky join the pups.
Oh, my 8yr-old hyper puppy!
[pic]Nicky almost flying on grass
I'm eight, and still young!!
[pic]Nicky and young yellow lab
He starts play-bow to a pup
[pic]3 dogs playing
Nicky is the black lab on left
[pic]Nicky chasing a puppy
Older dog gets tired sooner...?
[pic]Yellow lab Iris and black lab Nicky
Iris and Nicky

I was glad to see my dog looks so young.
He plays hard with young pups! He's so young!
but next day, Nicky was still tired...<g> Take care!


Graduation ceremony
Puppy walkers took each puppy into the room.

[pic]pups and puppy walkers

An instructor (trainer) explained about the formal training which the pups would go through.
"Some dogs would fail the training, but those carrer-change dogs are still good dogs.
We just try to find the best way for each dog"
Some dogs who are not suitable for guide dog work but suitable for service dog work, may go to service dog schools.
So, there migjt be Nicky's successor...????

All puppies-in-pre-training, looked same as beloved pet dogs.
They were family members of the puppy walkers.

[pic]Iris lies down by her dad's side
Iris, the beautiful girl is ready to enter training.
[pic] Vivo in the puppy carrying bag
Vivo, the Herb family's new pup, 3mo.old.


Then they went out and saw demo by a guide dog trainee.
and soon the time came.
Puppies and puppy walkers took a memorial picture.

[pic]Puppies and foster families

Good luck!

[pic]Iris in the car, and watching her foster parents

Among crying puppy walkers, Herb-mom sent her beloved Iris back with best smile.
but the instructor told me, "I know she really misses her puppy"
I agree...


An assistance dog must go through some graduation days.

Graduation from foster families of puppyhood.

Graduation from the trainer, and meets a new partner.

Graduation from team training and starts new life with the partner.

And the last one, Graduation from the duty and the harness.

Some say those dogs are poor, but I don't think so.
Because I know they would be loved all life long, even the home would be changed.
At the graduation, dogs just know "Okay, I'll be loved at new home!"

Nicky would graduate some day, would retire.
I have to find the best way for Nicky, my beloved boy.
... I also thought about it.


[pic]a memorial of guide dogs
A memorial of guide dogs passed away. fomer partners always bring flowers.


Thanks the guide dog school again, for allowing us to share the ceremony.

*Puppy walker: A volunteer who raises a puppy for a guide dog school.
To learn more about Japanese puppy walker's days, visit Herb mom's web site.
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