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A Cat Lover Dog

[pic]Nicky and Chii

My parents rescued a new cat. A tiny kitty is now good friend of Nicky.


Chii, the kitten's name means tiny or sweety in Japanese.
Cause he is growing up so fast, we take so many pictures, almost every day.

[pic] [pic] [pic]
[pic] [pic] [pic]
[pic] [pic] [pic]


Ooops! What a Naughty Kitten!
[pic]Chii playing with my cell phone
That's my phone, not your toy!
[pic]Chii breaks "shouji" paper
Don't break "shouji"!
[pic]Chii and Liz
Don't bother your sister!
She is tired and getting angry!

Of course he scratches on "tatami" and "Fusuma"... Bad boy!

[pic]Chii playing
Like a devil...
[pic]Chii sleeping
Like an angel!

Chii and Nicky met each other.
[pic]Nicky sniffing Chii[pic]Nicky and Chii, resting together
Even Chii was nervous the first time(left), after couple of days they became friends(right).
*photo by cell phone

Nicky has absolutely NO aggressiveness to other animals and people.
So Chii is relaxed by Nicky's side.


Bad boy and Gentle man...

Nicky: Will anyone stop this kitty?
Nicky: Ooops! He is licking my foot!
Nicky: They are playing on MY mat...

[pic]Nicky and Chii playing on Nicky's mat
Nicky still LOVES this naughty kitten.

[pic]Chii sleeping  peacefully
Be a good cat, we all love you, Chii.


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