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A Month After

[pic]Chii is in a paper bag and Nicky is his side
Aug. 2004

A month after, the kitten Chii is much bigger than he was.


[pic]orange tabby and white chest/socks cat Chii
Chii lieing down.
Can you see how he is big now?
[pic]Liz and Chii
Liz and Chii, kitty kiss.

[pic]Chii and a fan
Chii and the fan. Now you can see how he is bigger than before.
See the picture on previous page, Chii and the same fan are there.

[pic]Broken Japanese "shouji"

It's also becoming bigger... a big hole on shouji.
Japanese shouji is made from paper and thin wood frame.


[pic]Chii's face, a small white mark on his forehead
What are you watching, Chii?

A green bristle grass!

In Japanese, this grass is called "cat's toy grass".
Of course! Chii loves it.

I commanded Nicky, "Get it", then "Hold it"
Chii is playing with the grass Nicky holds in his mouth.
Doesn't he look like a good baby sitter?

[pic]Nicky and Chii playing with a glass

Nicky and Chii, both love people and are very relaxed.
I dream to bring these boys to places as Therapy pets, after Nicky would retire from his carrer as a service dog.

Be a good kitty, Chii!


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