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Welcome to Japan

[pic]guide dog sleeping on his back
Oct. 2004

We joined many events and off-line meeting this October.
Here are pictures of a 4-days event with some assistance dogs and partners from the US, Canada, and the UK.
Most of them are whom we've known at IAADP annual conference.


We had 6 people from overseas.
Guide dog partners Ed and Toni, and hearing dog partners Janis and Jill were from the US.
Guide dog partner Devon was from Canada, and service dog partner Allen was from the UK.

IAADP Web Site

Allen and His Service Dog Endal's Web Site

Because of strict animal quarantine rule of UK, Allen was not with Endal, his yellow lab service dog.
He missed Endal so much, and often petted our Labs<g>

[pic]Ed on stage with his guide dog by his side
Ed's speech
[pic]assistance dogs and partners on stage
Panel discussion
[pic]Ed's dog laying down under the table
Well, I'm tired after work!
[pic]Audience with their assistance dogs
Many Japanese guide dogs

[pic]Guide dog rolling over on his back, partner petting him
Guide dog Oak, partnered with Devon.
He often sleeps like this.
The harness handle helps him
to keep this position confortably!
[pic]Medium sized dog on partner's lap
Hearing dog Casun, partnered with Janis.
He looks like a red heeler.
He is always watching his mom.

Ed and his guide dog Latrell showed demo, finding steps and following person.
Jill and hearing dog Urya, demonstrated alerting the alarm clock and bringing pills to his partner.
Janis and hearing dog Casun shows alerting door knocking and Casun's song. He is a winner of "Singing Dog Contest".

[pic]Nicky picking a coin on stage
Nicky shows service dog demo, picking up small coin and bringing soft rice ball.


Our foreign guests helped each other in good teamwork.

Wheelchair person lead blind persons, guide dogs helped, of course.
Deaf/HOH persons helps wheelchair person to get out of reach items.
Blind persons repeated conversations with clearly moving lips.

For me, it looks natural, but some able-bodied Japanese wondered at it.
Well, we have to break myth like "Disabled people need help and charity
and "There's nothing that disabled person can do for others".

[pic]Oak and Casun-Guide and hearing dog
We went out and
visited Matsumoto castle.
[pic]foreigners trying Japanese soba
"Soba festival" was open there.
Guests tryed fresh Japanese soba
(buckwheat noodles)

[pic]Dogs and people going shopping
They went shopping center
near the hotel.
[pic]guide dogs walking aistle
At a dollar-store.
In Japan 100 yen-shop.
[pic]Guide dog looking back
Looking camera


[pic]with Ed [pic]With Toni and Rabuta-mom and hearing dog Rabta(G. Ret.)
Just chatting.
We Japanese assistance dog partners couldn't have enough time with guests,
because of Japanese quarantine asked us to keep away frem foreign dogs.
Finally we could.

Our English was not very good, guests couldn't speak Japanese,
and some of us needed sign language.
But there was no problem!
We all are very good at communicating without language, same way with our four-legged partners.

To be Continued.


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