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So Many Doggies

[pic]Dobe guide dog Jade and Nicky under the table
Oct. 2004

At the event, we also met Japanese assistance dogs.
Here are pictures of some of them, there were many others, over 30 dogs.

*Some pictures by courtesy of Elvis&Jade mom*

Dogs and Dogs
[pic]Guide dog Dorothy, female yellow lab [pic]Guide dog Elin, female black lab [pic]Guide dog Urara, female yellow lab
[pic]Hearing dog Rabuta, male golden [pic]Service dog in training Hide, male mix bred [pic]Hearing dog Mikan, female mix bred
There were many guide dogs and some hearing dogs and service dogs.
The golden hearing dog on picture,
Rabuta's Web Site

[pic]Black lab in blue shirt [pic]Yellow lab in green stripe sweater [pic]Yellow lab in frilled red dress
We often wear our dogs to prevent shedding.

[pic]a big doberman in harness [pic]Guide dog Jade, female dobe
A dobe guide dog. You might remember her, Jade, the girl of Elvis family, our friend on the web.
Many of Japanese were surprised to see a doberman woeking as a guide dog,for Jade is probably the only dobe guide dog in Japan.
(She was raised and trained by Pilot Dogs, in Ohio, US)

Elvis Family's Web Site

We took many pics!
[pic]Jade and her dad, and Nicky and me [pic]Mr. G, the trainer and Iris, Jade and dad, and Nicky and me
[pic]Guide dog Tiger and mom, her friend and Nicky and me [pic]4 guide dogs, 1 service dog, and people

We had hard days, but anyway we could meet many persons and dogs and make friends!


[pic]Yellow lab in red cape
This yellow lab girl is a service dog trainee, she did so well in "Assistance Dog Parade" in the event.
Do you remember her??

She is Iris, whose pictures are on Pictures13.

She had been raised and trained to be a guide dog, but carrier-changed and became a service dog trainee.
She moved from a guide dog program to AWDSA, our service dog program.
This is one of cases coorperation by two different assistance dog school.

Iris, take your time to find your way to go!


Soon after we came back to Tokyo, went to
Intl. Home Care and Rehab Exhibition,
that we go to see latest assistive devices every year.

So crouded and so many wheelchair persons.
We met our old friends, and border collie assistance dog trainee Koyuki's mom.
It's a small world! Actually it is so small Japanese disability field...

[pic]Ken, Nicky, Airi, Iris and people
Service dogs Ken and Nicky,
trainee Airi and Iris went there.
[pic]4 labradors faces
Airi and Iris are yellow,
Ken is choc, and Nicky is black.
Labradors in all 3 colors.
[pic]Our dogs modeling for pictures
Assistance dogs are still rare in Japan.
People found us and took pictures.

[pic]Airi and Iris
Iris: "Are they going to give us some treats?"
Airi: "They just say
Cheeese! but no one will toss a real cheese."

[pic]Nicky watching into my camera
Hey! Look! Look at ME!
handsome boy usually hates camera, but sometimes became a good model.

Any way, you did soooo well in this hard week!!!
That's my boy, Nicky!!!


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