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He's Back and Recovered!

[Pic]Sleeping Nicky
Nov. 2004

Nicky had been sick, and was almost dieing.
But now, he is alive!

Nicky, I love you!


See details;
The page I wrote when Nicky had back home(In Japanese and English)

Nicky's Diary(Oct. 30, 2004, written in Japanese)

This is a picture I took by the cell-phone, 2days after the surgery.

[Pic]Nicky in a cage, with an Elizabeth collar

It doesn't matter if Nicky would retire from his carrier as a legal service dog, but I need him by my side.


And a week after, He had back home!
He had survived!!

mpic]Stetch on Nicky's stomach
He had a big surgery, the scar is very long.

[pic]Nicky is sleeping at home
At last he could rest on my bed, his favorite place.
He was wearing a sweater to keep his stomach warm.


4 weeks after the surgery, Nicky was in good condition.
We could attend the off-line meeting of The Retrievers Paradise E-mail List
for the list friends had been anxious about Nicky's illness and surgery.
[Pic]List members and their dogs
Nicky was in yellow sweater, by my side.

[pic]Nicky and a yellow lab
Saying hi to a friend.
[pic]Nicky and dogs playing with a dumbell
Nicky and hyper labradors playing.


[pic]Femail yellow lab Chip
Chip also had a surgery and recovered!
She is 10 and still fine.
[pic]Nicky sitting
Nicky watching camera for treat<g>

Beautiful dogs at sunset.
Golden: Lime, Yellow lab: Tabitha, and Black lab: Nicky
[pic]3dogs smiling
Dogs are happy after they played enough.

Tabitha's Web Site

Lime's web Site


I really was happy to see Nicky playing, he had recovered!

Some of pictures by courtesy of Samantha, Mame-chan, and Gloria..


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