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Cats in a Sunny Day

[pic]Liz and Chii at the window
Autumn 2004

In Japanese, a warm and nice day in autumun like this is said "small spring(Koharu-biyori).
Our cats feel good on such day.


[pic]Gigi and Chii at window
Cats like the narrow space at window.
[pic]Liz trys to open the screen door

[pic]Chii in Nicky's crate, Nicky is in it too.
When Chii is a bad boy,
we lock him in Nicky's crate.
See Nicky is in the crate, too.
[pic]Chii in the crate
Well, this correction doesn't work!


[pic]The black cat Tango
Our oldest cat, Tango, age15.
He is still fine, but has a gray whisker.
He loves to walking his territory, but for his health and safe, we take his leash while he is walking outdoor.
"My parents often asked by people,
A cat on leash? Why?"

May live and be with us longer and longer, we love you, Tango!


[pic]Liz sleeping at a sunny place
Thank you Load, for this peaceful days.


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