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Back to AZ--Visited Humane Society in Phoenix

[Pic]A pretty kitten waiting his new family
Jan. 2005

We visited Humane Society in Phoenix.
While I was on the tour to there, Nicky was staying with the trainer... Excuse me Nicky!


You may already know enough about Humane Society and animal shelters, but those are not well known in Japan.
What's an Animal Shelter?
Well, most of you might know...

An animal shelter is a facility for dogs and cats(and some small pets),
who had been found as stray pets, or had been given up by their owners.
Those animals stay for a period, and wait to be adopted by new family.
They also could be cared by vets and/or trainers.
There are also many rescue groups and animal shelters.
There are both non-kill and kill shelters.

Much different from Japanese animal shelters(most are very small) or Animal Control Center.

[pic]very large site [pic]Brick path
Left: Large site, never could imagine in Japan, especially in Tokyo!
Right: Wanna buy a brick and have your name on it?

Inside of the building.

[pic]entrance counter [pic]pretty and brand new building [pic]showing about their history and activities
Big building and many staffs.
In the US, adoption from animal shelter is much more popular than in Japan.
Even a pet shop says, Think adoption first, Do not breed.

Still pet shops in Japan have many live pups and kittens, and people often believe the myths like,
"An adult dog/cat doesn't trust new people",
"A pure bred, young one is best", or
"Pets in shelters must have their reasons to be thrown out, no good one would be found at a shelter!"

Actually, there are many good ones, and there might be a future service dog.
When the staffs found a young healthy dog with good stable temperment,
they would call the local service dog program,
then the dog would go to exam to be a service dog candidate.

No dog from this shelter had passed all the qualification to be a service dog candidate yet,
but a staff and a trainer from local service dog program both told me,
"but we would find one, hopefully soon!"

Here pet owners can receive their pet's veterinary care by low price,
join puppy class or obedience class, and buy pet foods and supplies.
An animal shelter is not only a place for animals, but also a place for people who want to have pets.
They can get a least knowledge, find a pet nice for them, and keep and care the pet for life time long.

This is a place of humane education to be a good pet owner.
Education to people is one of ways to reduce the number of the "unwanted" animals in future.



Each animal is given enough place. No bad smell and well cleaned up, unlike Japanese shelters.
Each dog have a fenced patio, and can go there any time through the flap door. They can go for a walk with volunteers.
Each cat have a private room in which he/she can move up and down enough, there is also a private toilet.
*That is important to reduce the cat's stress.
In the small pet's room, each rabbit, ferret, hampster and other small pets have private cage too.

[pic]relaxed black lab in his room [pic]tiny dog wearing a nice jacket
[pic]black kitten and his clean toilet, bed, and a board to climb/jump up [pic]rabbit eating his meal in his cage
Left above: A black lab! Right above: This good looking tiny dog was about to be adopted.
Left below: A friendly black kitten. Right below: look so similar to Kuromame, my friends rabbit.

Isn't it cool?

[pic]sign board in a cat's shape [pic]a board with many dog's picture, for microchip demo
Left: "Go to spay/neuter clinic"
A new owner who is adopting a pet from here, can spay/neuter the pet with small fee.
To prevent unwanted breeding, the pet must be spayed/neutered.

Right: Microchip demonstration.
Each dog on this board has a real microchip.
With microchip reader, you can find his/her own number and the profile.
Microchipping is recomended as a strong tool to help pets and owners.

Even here is no picture, they also have obedience class/puppy class.


Though you might know very well...

Train your dogs, and behaive your cats.
a well mannered dog/cat is easy to care and gives you a lot of joy.
Training would save your pet from accident, especially with "come" and "wait" command.

Do not breed without serious consideration and necessity. Spay/neuter your pet.
That reduces your pet's stress and prevent some desease.

Wear your dog/cat a callor and name tug. Also microchipping is recomended.
In Japan, the new quarantine system requires microchip.

Never, never have an live animal without serious consideration.


[pic]Picture of us
We took a picture at the entrance.


To be continued...


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