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Trained in The States

[pic]Heiress and Nicky in down stay
Feb. 2005

I saw friends whom I met on the web.
Sorry I couldn't take pictures many enough.


One day I saw a friend with a guide dog.

[pic]Heiress, guide dog [pic]Heiress in harness, and Nicky
Guide dog Heiress, who is working in NY.
A beautiful yellow labrador girl, was born and trained in the states.
She graduated a guide dog school in CA, then move to NY with her partner, who is a Japanese working in NY.
Heiress Dad and Heiress stay in Japan a couple of months.

In the picture, you can see Heiress is in a harness with a twisted handle.
In Japan we don't see a guide dog harness with twisted handle or offset handle, even though some guide dog users prefere this handle than straight one.
Heiress Dad told me that he had choice when he started team training,
actually Japanese guide dog schools don't give such choice to students.

[pic]Heiress puts her head on my foot

Heiress is a good working dog, but she knows that now she can rest and be petted!


Another day I saw a friend with a hearing dog.

[pic]Sammy, hearing dog
Hearing dog Sammy, who is working in Tokyo.
A beautiful Belgian shepherd girl, was born and trained in the states, then was trained in Japan also.

So what langage is her mother tang? Maybe ASL and JSL, and she can understand both English and Japanese.
And what she understands best is... her partner Yummy's feeling, not words.
I gave her a nice treat (for it was her new experience with a wheelchair), but she is still a one-person's dog:-)

Sammy and her partner Yummy's web site(Available in English)

[pic]Sammy and Nicky in down stay

Two black beauties.
But so hard to take good pictures!
This one by courtesy of Scharli Mom.


All of these dogs had been trained in the states.

Guide dog Heiress, who was born and trained in the states, and is working in the states, too.
Hearing dog Sammy, who was born and trained in the states, and is working in Japan.
Service dog Nicky, who was born in Japan and trained in the states, and is working in Japan.

They all have been partnered with Japanese.

All dogs seem to be high-energy, very smart, and a little tough.
Those are talent required to work in big city like NY or Tokyo, and go abroad so often.
(Even though they are not easy to handle!)

In Japanese we don't have a correct word for Bonding with the dog.
But we all learn in our training, why its so important.


[pic]the HMV dog and Nicky
Here also is a friend from the states...?


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