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Activities of This Fall and Winter-1

[pic]Nicky relaxed in his service dog cape
Fall-Winter 2005

This fall and winter, we joined some activities of our program


As you know I and Nicky is a graduate team of Top Dog, Tucson AZ,
and also a team of the Japanese service dog program
Asia Working Dog Support Association (AWDSA)
It is a very small program.



At HCR(Int. Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition) 2005

Our demo dog Jiro, a mix breed, 5 yrs. old.
He had been rescued, and needed long time and love for training.

Service dogs are not only Labrador or golden retrievers.
Here are our trainees of other breeds.

[pic]white shepherd [pic]border collie(really bad picture, no one can see her face!)
Left: Heine, a white shepherd pup / Right: Koyuki, a border collie
Sorry! Koyuki moved her face!

Koyuki and Heine were pet dogs whose owners are disabled.
Now they are in training to become service dogs.


This active out going team is
Ken(choc. Lab) and his partner.
[pic]Ken and his partner, talking with another wheelchair person.
At HCR, every year we meet many person with disability,
who are intrested in using service dog.
Ken's partner answers questions from those people carefully.
[pic]Ken being petted
Now being petted is his job!
But remember to
ask the partner(user/handler)first!

*NEVER pet or distract a working assistance dog(guide/hearing/service dog)
without partner(user/handler)'s permition.

*NEVER feed a working assistance dog, it may be bad for dog's health and behavior.
*NEVER command a working assistance dog, it may distract the dog and very rude to the partner.


[pic]Yellow lab Iris

Yellow Lab
Irisis service dog-in-training, about to finish all the training before matching with her future partner.
Iris loves showing off and enjoys demonstration in front of people.

Because she is very well trained,
I asked her for help, as a service dog for 2 hours.

Good girl! She picked up my purse I dropped.
Good girl! She brought to me some catalogs from other persons hands.
Good girl! Her "heel" and "stay" were very good.


"Why does she command me?" Iris found that I was not her handler, we were not bonded. Then...
Chewed up a bottle,
Started "tag 'o war" on her leash which she had picked up for me
And jump on the stage because there was a "doggy" doll dancing.

That is the reason why every new assistance dog team need to take long time of training and bonding.


[pic]Nicky and Airi relaxed
Airi(Yellow Lab, 7yr.): I know this is a place to sleep!
Nicky(my black Lab, 9yr.): Yes, better to rest and sleep!
These veterans were just laying down and relaxed all the time.
They know what a experienced service dog should do!

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