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[pic]Top Dog friends and us
Jan. 2003 in Tucson, AZ

This year, we have to renew our ID card, as a service dog team.
So we visited the training class and through the re-certification test.


Our service dog school,
Top Dog, at Tucson, AZ.
Top Dog's Web site

[pic]dog in training
This is an owner-trained service dog program,
[pic]people and dogs
All people and dogs are relaxed
[pic]dog in training
Many of trainees are mix breed dogs

Not all of them would become certified service dog teams.
But they are enjoying the training.

We also checked Nicky's basic obedience skills

[pic]Nicky and me at training center [pic]Nicky and me at training center
Nicky's recall


service dog skills at home

[pic]Nicky helping laundry [pic]Nicky brings my cloth


Nicky did great and we are re-certified.

[pic]Nicky in Top Dog's cape
Nicky in his new Top Dog's cape
[pic]Nicky and Top Dog stuffs
With our teachers

See you in next year!


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