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We're Back!

[pic]Nicky with cactuses
Jan. 2003 in Tucson, AZ

Our home town, Tucson!
and we went to places those were so familier to us.


Tucson mall, where we had come almost every week,
for training and field trip
Web site of Tucson mall

Nicky remembers his training days.

[pic]Nicky pushes door button [pic]Nicky helps at casher


Our friend Jullie

She has been a volunteer at Top Dog, and helped us as PA(Parsonal Assistant).

[pic]Jullie and Nicky
With Jullie
[pic]young Nicky at fauntain
in 1999...

Then we went Nicky's favorite place.
"Woof, this is my yard!"

[pic]Nicky sitting at yard
Well behaved in harness...
[pic]Nicky running
Now off harness !

[pic]Nicky runnning
Go go go!
[Pic]Nicky playing with ball
Nicky carrying a ball
[pic]Nicky still running!
He never gave the ball back to me!

[pic]Nicky looks so happy
Had a good time?


[pic]tree at sunset, in 1999
This tree in my memory had been cut down...
I miss you, my old friend!

To be continued


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