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Dog in Hospital

[pic]Nicky in hospital
Jun. 2003 at Showa Univ. Medical Center East Hospital

I had the 4th eye surgery at this hospital.
In Japan, after the surgery, patient would stay in hospital for 4 or 5 days or longer.

And Nicky became the first service dog in Japan,
who is allowed to stay in a hospital with its partner.


Thanks a lot!
For you broke many barriers and allowed Nicky at almost all areas in the hospital.

[pic]Nicky in patients room
Nicky at my bed side
[pic]Nicky smiles
Nicky under the table at dining
(To prevent shedding, Nicky wears shirt when we are in the hospital)

Nicky has many friends there!

[pic]Nicky and friend
Nurse and Nicky
[pic]Nicky and friend
A Patient and Nicky

[pic] [pic] [pic]
A patient and Nicky. He must be a dog lover...


Nicky helped me at the hospital.
and this is his new task.
[pic] [pic] [pic]


With Nana
Nana is a guide dog whose partner also comes this hospital often.
These guide dog and service dog are always welcome by patients and workers in this hospital.

[pic]Nana and Nicky

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