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Under the Table

Ju. 2003

I met some people at a coffie shop.

Mr. Iwai brought his large camera and said,

"How are they doing under the table??"

Mr. Iwai's web site
Takeshi Iwai's Pet Photo Garally


under the table...

A guide dog in harness,
and 3 hearing dog trainees in coat.
There are 5 dogs
Of course here is my service dog

Its very rare case in Japan! There are all 3 types, guide, hearing, and service dogs.

Guide dog Keiru and his partner Yamachin,
Hearing dog trainees,
And Service dog Nicholas, by my side.


Never get trouble in public, never overload the dog, and never be *special*
we assisntance dog partners are always careful.
Assistance dogs are trained to go under the table at restaurants.
They are quiet and relaxed, and so disappear.

So he said
"How are they doing under the table?"

Guide dog Keiru has been partnered
with Yamachin for 6 years
Handsome guide dog and
handsome service dog!!!

Yamachin and Keiru's web sites
Guide Dog Keiru & Happy Dark Nebura

See you soon!

No Pets, but
Guide/Hearing/Service dogs are allowed at all areas of this building

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