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Summer had Gone--And His Downward Slanting Eyes

[pic]Nicky wears a shirt like a sailor

Well, we couldn't have a good summer vacation this year.


Nicky was just sleeping at home, even we had planned to let Nicky swim. (He can't swim, even though he is a lab.)
These are Pictures of him at home this summer.

[pic]Nicky looks back with his downward slanting eyes [pic]Nicky put his face on my lap, and his downward slanting eyes [pic]Nicky sleeps and  his eyes are downward slanting
His downward slanting eyes... I never met a labrador who has eyes like his.


[pic]Nicky sits and smiles at a park
We took Nicky to a park--Not a dog park but where dogs can be off-leash.


Nicky, the cold summer had gone and now it's autamn, best season for you!
Lets go out together, and have fun!

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