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Pictures by the Cell Phone's Camera

[Pic]Chobi [Pic]Nicky [Pic]Tango
I 'd took so many pics by my cell phone, there are some of those.


Cell phone with camera? Stupid!
I had said, but now I say, I need a cell phone with better camera, for better pictures!

Taking Pictures Every Where...
[Pic]Nicky relaxed
At home
[Pic]Nicky sleeps in his favorate style
He's confortable...
[Pic]Nicky lies down by my side, on the train
On the train
[Pic]Nicky smiles at park
At the park
[Pic]Nicky sits in a store
At the store

Peaceful Sleep--At the book store, while his partner looks for new books
[Pic]Nicky downs in front of me
His favorate place
[Pic]Nicky has my feet as his pillow
Favorate position
[Pic]Nicky's cute eyes
Isn't he cute?
[Pic]Nicky sleeps in peace
[Pic]Nicky wakes up on my feet
Is it time to go?



Big Yawns

[Pic]Liz's yawn [Pic]Nicky's yawn

Body Parts
[Pic]Chobi's paw [Pic]Nicky's nose [Pic]Liz's markings


[Pic]Something... Smiling??
What's this?

Two pastries make this funny face smiling.


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