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Merry Christmas

[pic]Nicky and huge Christmas tree

Time flys, the holiday season comes again.


So many trees, at every mall and shop.
(At Yokohama)

[pic]tree and Nicky
Tree at a bank
[pic]tree and Nicky
Tree at a bakery

and illuminations.
(At Shinjuku)

[pic]Lights and Nicky
The black shadow is Nicky
[pic]huge illumination and Nicky
Like a festival... and the small black object is Nicky
[pic]Foot lights and Nicky
Look at the floor too!


A black lab cannot be a good model... anyway I love my dog!


The tree I found from the bus window.

[pic]a tree with blue lights

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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