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For the Year Passed-1

[Pic]Who is this cat?
Some pictures of activities in the last year.


With Teachers

Two famous trainers whom we met at the ADI conference came to Japan last year.
I had exciting time for larning new skills and knowledge. Nicky had too...?

Bonnie Bergin's Training Seminar(May)
With Bonnie
Nicky was ofcourse there with me, but under the table...
Welcome party for Bonnie and her husband Jim. At Hana-bey's home.
Snap of the seminar
Nicky also joined the training, even he already knew the skill well

Dr. Bonnie Bergin's program: Assistance Dogs Institute
Also she founded Canine Companions for Independence.

Nina Bondarenco's Seminar(November)
With Nina and people who joined the seminar.
See bigger picture-Nina plays with Nicky's ear!

Ms. Nina Bondarenco; traines service dog teams at Canine Partners in the UK.


Another teacher of us.
At a party, I met Keiko Higuchi, who was my adviser on Ainowa program.
There was also her husband Mr. Kondo, who was the teacher when I went first class to learn co-counseling.

After the party, we took a picture.


Now back to the first question...
Who's the cat on top of this page??

Because Bonnie's welcome party was at Hanabey's home, I and Nicky could meet her cat
Mao again, the real sister of our beloved cat Liz!
She had forgot Nicky her foster father, but still a beautiful cat.


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