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NICHOLAS @ WORK -page2(continued)

Last Update: 11/21/02


Continued from the previous page

* Conbination of Basic Skills*

Tugging, finding items I need, taking it and carrying, pushing by nose or paw. Those basic tasks can be used together.

Below(5 pics): Opens the fridge(very small one!), takes beverage out, and brings to me at next room
(at my apartment)
Below(next 2 pics): Helps the fridge at a store, too
(at a convenience store in Tokyo)

When we are out, I have a head collar we had used in early training. It's now used as an easy-attatch strap to open doors.

[pic]Pulls strap on fridge
1. Opening the fridge

[pic]the fridge opens
2. Got it!

[pic]Putting his face into fridge
3. Taking the beverage from fridge

[pic]Brings small bottle to next room
4. Here's your drink, mom

[pic]Closing door by pushing with nose
5. Don't forget to close it!

[pic]helps large fridge at store
Same task in different place. Doesn't he look funny?

[pic]Brings beverage to my lap
Handler drops the bottle with a cane, then dog picks it up

* ASAP...! *

Below, left: Opens the rest room door
Below, right: And locks the door for our privacy

Of course, when we come out, he unlocks and opens the door for me. In Japan most wheelchair friendly rest rooms have same style sliding doors with lever to lock it. The lever is lower and easy to reach for a dog.
Usually, when I go to rest room out in public, it's an ASAP case. Imagine how helpful my dog is! I don't have to loose much time to come into a rest room anymore. In some old buildings there are small slope before the door. If I didn't have my service dog, how long did I have to wait for help?

[pic]opens heavy sliding door
Sliding door is very popular in Japan

[pic]pulls lever down to lock the door
The low location lever is easy to reach

Also pictures of more tasks maybe coming, such as
*Operating drawers/cupboards*
*Ringing bell or knocking door if there are stairs before the door*

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